How to Choose the right domain name for your website

Choose the Right Domain Name from .com .net .info

Nowadays, for both individuals and organizations, you must have a website. How to choose the right domain name for your website, still is the most crucial query. People input a domain name into their browsers to access a website’s unique features.

Basic Things of How to Choose the Right Domain Name for Your Website

Your domain is the specific website address. With this address, people locate your website. A name and an extension are put together to form a domain name or website address. Let’s check an example, “” is a website address, and where “go2papa” is a name, “.com” is an extension.

Types of domain extensions: There are a wide variety of extensions, like .com, .org, .net, .edu, and more. Each extension is used for a specific type of website, business or organization. I already mentioned the top-level domain name extensions.

How Do You Choose Between a .com .org or .NET Domain:

  • .com- This extension is the most well-known. .com is frequently used on business websites. It’s a wise decision for a company that wants to build an online presence and attract clients from all over the world. 
  • .org – Mainly used with non-profit organizations in mind. Now, many websites, including nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and open-source initiatives, use the domain org.
  • .net – .net is an extension that was originally created for websites that have a focus on networks. Normally Businesses that provide IT services or technological solutions use it.

The purpose of your website and your branding targets will decide whether you select, .org, domain name. Keep in mind your target market, industry, and rivals while effectively expressing your brand and online identity, when you select a domain name.

Domain name structure:

The domain name is structured with the top-level domain (TLD) and the second-level domain (SLD). In “”, .com is a top-level domain (TLD) and go2papa is a second-level domain (SLD).

Domain name registration process:

First generate some ideas about the domain name associated with your business. Then find a domain registrar and with the help of the domain name checker tool, check whether the domain names are available or not. If available, pay a fee and register the name with the help of the registrar. You can choose a domain registrar company that has a user-friendly website and registration process.

Want To use a Free Domain: Let’s Talk about the Pros and Cons

What is a free domain:

You can get a free domain name from a domain registrar or a hosting provider without any cost. Free domain is a seductive offer but it has many disadvantages or restrictions. It can help you to establish an online presence but you can not grow your business with it.

Free domains is professional or not:

Free Domains is always included with the provider name, Which is not look professional.  Also free domains have limited features, which is a roadblock for those who want to expand the functionality and capability of their website.

Are they really free:

Free Domain may have hidden costs, sometimes tacked-on costs, like renewal fees or fees for new or extra features. Some free domains are really free but they might also have restrictions or conditions. For example, Domain providers may demand an upgrade to a paid plan or buy hosting from them in order to use new features.

When Choosing a Domain Name or Website Name which Factors to Consider:

Relevance to the website’s topic/niche:

Your website content and domain name should reflect each other. If you want to create a website about gardening, you should choose a domain name like “”.

Easy to spell and remember:

Your domain name should be simple, short, easy to spell and easy to remember. Avoid numbers, unusual spellings, complex words, it will confuse your users.

Domain names with Short and concise Idea:

Try to find a domain name with two or three words or less in length. These types of short domain names are easy to remember and simple to type.

Check previous trademark infringement:

Check before buying a domain name that does not violate any trademarks or copyrights. Also check previous history with the domain name. If you don’t do that it may result in future legal problems.

Opportunities on SEO optimization:

Try to pick a domain name that contains your main focus keyword. If you want to create a website about gardening, you should choose a domain name like “”. Here the main keyword is garden, which may help with search engine rankings.

Social media influences:

Must check all social media platforms are available with your domain name. Social media handles must be simple and easy. Do not use hyphens, numbers, unusual spellings, and complex words because they can be challenging for your users.

Should I avoid free domain:

For saving money you may use a free domain but there are so many disadvantages to consider. Frequently free domain names are subdomains with the provider’s name and may have restrictions on features, customization and scalability options, Which will be a roadblock for successful websites or businesses.

Best practices when searching for a perfect website domain name include:

Brainstorming techniques:

Create or generate a list of domain names that reflects your website content or business theme. You should use your creativity and do experiments with word combination for finding the best domain name idea.

Get help from domain name generators:

There are so many domain name providers who can assist you with their domain name generator. With the help of these generators you can find the best ideas for your domain because these generators produce perfect suggestions using keywords, themes and content. You can use these generators for instant domain name search.

Example of best domain name generators:

  • Namecheap
  • Lean Domain Search
  • Bust a Name
  • Panabee
  • DomainWheel App
  • Dot-o-mator
  • Nameboy

Example of free domain name generators:

  • Lean Domain Search
  • Domain Wheel
  • NameMesh
  • Domainr
  • Dot-o-mator
  • Nameboy
  • Namelix
  • Cool Name Ideas
  • Domain Typer
  • Namestall

Domain name search availability and previous use history check:

If you already created a list of best domain names, then it’s time for an availability check. Choose a domain register and use their free domain search tools for your domain name availability check. And also check previous use history of your domain names, it will help you to avoid any potential negative associations.

Feedback from experts, friends and family:

Discuss with your family, friends, relatives and coworkers about your domain names, website idea and business ideas. Get opinion from them about your domain name ideas. They can also help you with their thoughts that you never had.

Why Right Domain Name is Important for SEO?

A right domain name has a great impact on SEO on your website. There are some reasons below:

Branding and recognition:

The best domain name is always memorable, easy to spell and short and this type of domain name can play a vital role in establishing a brand, and promoting a business. Because the best domain name helps the users remember your website. 

Keyword optimization:

If your domain name is associated with your main keyword then it will be a benefit for search engine rankings.

Backlinks and linking:

You can raise your website search engine ranking by linking with others websites with yours but for this you must need a  relevant domain name for getting notice and linkup. 

User experience:

A catchy short and simple domain name can enhance your website user experience and also encourage returning visitors or customers. 

Social media availability:

Social media accessibility is the most important part of digital marketing as well as website or business growth. So when you select a domain name you should keep in mind that all social media are available with your domain name. Maintaining social media can help you build relationships with your customers and new customers to find your website easily. When you create your social media accounts avoid using hyphens and numbers.

What Things Should You Avoid When Choosing a Domain Name:

You should consider so many things when selecting a domain name as well as there are also so many things that you should avoid. such as:

  • Do not use digits, hyphens or other unique characters.
  • Do not select a domain name that is too long or too short or look the same as a well known brand.
  • Do not use any copyright or trademark protected words in your domain name.
  • If a domain name limits your target market or growth do not select it.

We can say that you should choose a domain name that actually represents your business, easy to remember and available with social media handles. Domain name plays a vital role in developing your business and online identity, so select a ideal and perfect domain name for your business or website.

Domain Name Registrar and Hosting providers:

You will find thousands of domain name registrar or hosting providers. Go2papa is one of them. We will help you to register your domain and we also provide hosting services. You will get best 24/7 support from us, also super fast hosting with scalable opportunity. We also provide web design and development services, digital marketing services and SEO services.

How to Find Best Deals on Domain Name Registrations:

You will find discount offers and special promotions on domain name registration during certain times in the year, like as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas from domain registrar or web hosting companies. Some domain and hosting providers also offer special offers to new customers or first time customers. Sometimes they offer special rates when you buy domain names in bulk. Sometimes you will also find seasonal offers. If you want to take advantage of these types of offers, keep eye on announcements about upcoming sales and promotions of your favorite domain and hosting providers.  But besides that it is important to read all the terms and conditions of the offers. If it has hidden fees or less features in the offer price then you should not buy it.

After reading the full article, I hope you understand that an ideal domain name is the most important thing for your website success.  So you should choose a domain name which will establish your brand, help you to rank in search engines and especially in digital marketing. Let’s start with generating ideas and checking availability.